Monday, December 8, 2008

Difference between Men and Women when changing tyres

8th of December

I have just realized that i have not updated the blog for such a long time (i.e. almost for a year). Gosh. Time flies so fast, and i am about to finish my undergraduate studies in few days time subject to achieving satisfactorily results. I will know the results on Friday, 12th December 2009. Hope it goes well.

Friday, December 28, 2007

V Gama Reunion

Last tuesday, i had a V Gama reunion at Aainaa's house for the first time after 3 years we had left school.It went well though not all people turned up.Anyway,the important is that i had fun that i got the chance to meet up the old friends.Some have changed all alot and some still the same.
The food was alot and we had to take away some food home-bbq chicken and lamb,fried mee hoon,mashed potato ,tembikai susu,water melon,cakes etc

Hope there will be another reunion after this.
I shall wait patiently for it!

Here are the pictures:

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Today, i went to buy 2 textbooks at a bookstore in Bandar Sunway.
This was my first time i bought the books there as the telephone number of the shop was given by someone in HELP Uni College.
I didn't know that they sell college textbooks there and, they are sell much cheaper there.
It's called U-Text Bookstore , i think..
Imagine one of the books i bought cost only RM95 while it is sell AUD$ much difference.
I should have bought the previous textbooks there.but i didn't know.
For those who are thinking to buy new textbooks ,i can give the contact details if you all want.
In fact ,they provide service to courier the textbooks if we are in overseas.
That's so convenience...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hate my results!!

was waiting anxiously for the results last friday at 3am.
then a friend of mine sent a message in msn saying that the results had been released.
my results were so bad.
like so damn low
However,thank god! i passed all the papers.
but still the results were not getting better as it is getting worsen.
and i think back that i wasnt that serious in terms of studying during the recent semester.
must change my study pattern for next semester onwards..

Gambateh for summer semester!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

20th April

It has been a long time since the last time i updated the blog.I have not blogged ever since i arrive in Melbourne though i have been here for more than 2 months.What can i say about Melbourne?Melbourne is definitely a different place where i come from.sometimes people here are little bit weird here.but most important of all,they choose what they think are best for them and enjoy in what are they doing now."Live life to the fullest".Food is pretty expensive here and it's cheaper to eat at home rather than eating outside.It's ok to eat outside once in awhile.The weather is a getting colder here but it can be so unpredictable .It can so hot while i can change to cold(especially the wind).No wonder they claim that Melbourne can have 4 seasons in one day.To be in the safe side,i always bring the a cardigan/sweater to uni. (sometimes i lazy to bring and i have to suffer with the weather).The Melb uni is comparatively larger than the previous institutions i hv expericenced before in so much times larger than HELP. but i think i had a culture shock when at the beginning of the sem where each week i learned new things for the lectures and worst of all i can't cope with it is already week 7 and i'm like 4 weeks behind.It takes some times to adapt the culture here but i'm getting used to it now.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


i went to One Utama for the fairwell yesterday.It was organized by my lovely friends ,Kristen and Sheeba(unfortunately she couldnt make it).Thank you so much for the lovely new supplies.i really appreciate it.Will make full use of it.There was 10 of us attended the occasion which were Phillipe & Carolyn, Kev & Mon, DEnise & Jason, Lionel,me,Kristen,Jeffrey and faiz.3 of the 10(including me) watched the movie called the "Epic Movie".I found that the movie was a bit over with the jokes were lame and not funny at all.May be they tried too hard to squeeze all the movies in one film.I would certainly prefer "Date Movie" and "Scary movie" than this movie.Then ,we went to Kluang Station to hv a kinda yam cha session(not sure whether can be considered yam cha or not).We were talking and sharing experiences abt the preparation etc.Thank you u all for coming yesterday!!DO keep in touch &dont forget me,ok!!